Minimizing Downtime

Data Harbor offers a wide range of Disaster Recovery Services.  These services are built around our core abilities to provide VM replication services for your virtual environment and Physical to Virtual backup services for your physical servers.  These services are bundled into our primary backup and recovery software platform.

Now Imagine a fire has gutted your facilities. With Data Harbor's DR services you can, with a single mouse click, "failover" your production systems to your offsite DR facility.  Then maintain your production operations at your DR facility and, when ready, with another single mouse click "failback" your production systems back to your primary data center.

And the cost of this services is surprisingly low, affordable and designed for the small to mid-range company or organization.

Our decades of backup and restore experience enables us to help you create a Disaster Recovery strategy for your organization to provide the highest possible protection and lowest potential risk when it comes to your critical data and business operations.  With our DR services, if you lose servers you can run your business from your DR Center or from Data Harbor’s data center environment.


Partner Program

You can benefit in a variety of ways by selling Data Harbor services to your clients.