Meeting Long-Term Storage Needs


Initially, many companies used tape backups for archiving purposes but the evolution of technology has made it easier, cheaper, and more efficient to store data than ever before.

Many businesses and organizations are required to keep documents for several years after creation to meet compliance with numerous regulations. Combine this with the move towards operating in a leaner environment than ever before and the need for locating data somewhere off-site becomes quite clear. Data Harbor offers data management tools so company data is kept in check.

As success for your company means more data and the necessity of storing that data so does the need for holding that data. Data Harbor can hold your data safely and securely in one of its secure data centers and provide you access whenever you need it. This also equates to saving capital for your company’s core mission. No need to buy more servers or increase your staff solely to house your data.

Low-Cost Data Archiving

Data Harbor identifies both active and inactive files maximizing efficiency, minimizing bandwidth usage and saving money on your backup and recovery services. Focusing on active files allows Data Harbor to provide more affordable backup services as well as more frequent backups if required. Using the archiver gives you the option of lower cost storage for more stagnant data (or data that changes much less often). Archiving or “parking” this information means you don’t have to pay for continuously backing up the same versions of the same files thus reducing your overall cost to maintain your backups. And this parked information can be returned to you with a single phone call to our support team.



The primary location of your data storage is not always enough. Learn how Data Harbor handles your data safely.