Features and Services of Partner Programs

  • Scheduled and automated backup of client’s file systems and folders.
  • Scheduled and automated backup of all storage systems including registry and services databases using Microsoft’s VSS (volume shadow services). This method substantially reduces the amount of time to perform backup operations. Minimum number of generations to be maintained for each backup job is ten.
  • A local copy of all backups to allow rapid restores without retrieving the backup data over the internet connection. This ensures the restore operation will occur as rapidly as the client’s local area network will allow.
  • Single user interface to manage all backups across all of the client’s equipment.
  • Monitoring of all backup operations by Data Harbor’s Cloud Backup Support Team.
  • Tiered archival services to migrate less frequently accessed backup data to lower cost tiered storage reducing the overall cost of maintaining backups.
  • Two-way replication of all client data that has been backed up to one of Data Harbor’s secondary data centers.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery of critical Business Applications/Servers.
  • Automatic failover of backup services to replication site if primary site fails to ensure continuation of backup services. Failback to primary site once again operational.
  • Access to public internet via multiple carriers.
  • All primary backup data maintained in NE Ohio data centers to ensure the fastest recovery of large amounts of data.
  • Unlimited backups and online restores.
  • 24 x 7 monitoring of all backup activities.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reporting.
  • Data Harbor maintains all software upgrades to core components of all Data Harbor-supplied backup appliances.

Choose a Partner Program

Data Harbor offers two different Partner Programs. Find out which program is right for your clients and you.