It has been a very busy first quarter for us here at Data Harbor. As outlined in our November 2017
update, in late December Data Harbor began migrating our customers to Veeam ‘Always On’ Backup and
Replication platform. We are pleased to announce today that the migration is complete. For most of
our clients, the migration was seamless as we maintained parallel operations of the client’s original
backups and their new Veeam-based backups to insure the ongoing integrity of their data.



We also made a substantial investment in the first quarter in rolling out our new Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Infrastructure as Service (IaaS) platforms during the first quarter. Investments were made in Dell EMC’s new 14th Generation Servers, Solid State Disk (SSD) storage systems and new network hardware to allow us to offer “warm VMs in the Cloud” and customer-private access to these resources. The new DRaaS platform, which is based on Veeam’s

Replication software, allows us to provide a very low-cost disaster recovery service without additional investment in network communications, data center infrastructure, etc. We can implement this service almost transparently from your existing backups. In early April, we will be conducting a series of Disaster Recovery tests with one of our clients including the failover and failback of a 6,000 mailbox Outlook Exchange environment.

Infrastructure as a Service

Data Harbor’s new IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) also couples features of Veeam with our expanded and dedicated hardware infrastructure mentioned above. This new offering affords our clients the opportunity to not have to deploy or maintain their own computing infrastructure within their organizations. This, in turn, eliminates the need and cost for the client to have to maintain computer hardware, secure data center environment, HVAC, networks and the costs associated with technology refreshes.


With the introduction of these new Veeam-based platforms we are now able to offer a variety of new services including Cloud-based Disaster Recovery services and full support for Office 365 Backup and Recovery. You can also reach us by calling 216-373-8141 or sending us an email at